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Northern Italy: May 28th - June 12th 2021

Our cultural adventure in Central and Northern Italy begins in Rome and explores the smaller towns of Todi, Gubbio a... more

from $6,125.00 CAD

Iceland: ( 11 days) July 3 -13 2021

We travel around the whole island of Iceland! This tour can be combined with our tour of Norway July 15- 30 2021 more

from $5,975.00 CAD

African Safari: Kenya 13 or 19 Days: October 2021

Limited to 12 travelers...We think Kenya has the BEST game parks! Our tour begins in Nairobi & finishes on the Indian... more

from $11,355.00 CAD

Spain and Portugal: (17 Days) Sept 29 - Oct 15 2021

If you would like to share, we will do our best to find you a roommate. The EARLIER you pay your deposit, the more li... more

from $6,560.00 CAD

Treasures of England August 2021

As you venture from bustling cities to blooming beautiful gardens, the iconic land of Big Ben, Banksy and bangers &am... more

Egypt & Jordan: (19 Days) Nov 16th - Dec 4th 2021

Three-night Nile Cruise, travel to Cleopatra's port city of Alexandria and journey as far south as Abu Simbel (+ opti... more

South of France: (16 Days) September 9-24 2021

We see a broad variety of the top attractions in the west and south of the country, while getting off the beaten path... more

New! Norway July 15-30 2021

We love Norway and look forward to returning!! Please let us know if you are interested to join us! Details will be p... more

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Highlights include the time spent on Delos and Crete, observing the Venetian influence on the islands we visited, wandering the lanes of Parikia under the blue sky of Greece looking at the whitewashed buildings and the red bouganvillea, also the Acropolis was a wonder to behold. I also liked that we stayed in each location three or four nights.

By A.D. North Vancouver BC trip to Greece

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