The Haida Gwaii (Islands of the People) previously known as the Queen Charlotte Islands, are in Northern British Columbia, Canada. Though the archipelago comprises over 150 islands, the two largest, Graham and Moresby, are the most popular.

This is a remote area where there are few big chain stores or high end amenities. Do not expect grand resorts choked with tourists, there are B&B's, cabins and motels that offer accommodations. Some of the reasons to come to the islands are to explore the outdoors, other visitors enjoy the vast artisan galleries and culture that can be found.

Haida Gwaii is considered by archaeologists as an option for a Pacific coastal route taken by the first humans migrating to the Americas from the Bering Strait

It is unclear how people arrived on Haida Gwaii; but archaeological sites have established human habitation on the islands as far back as 13,000 years ago

Underwater archaeologists from the University of Victoria are seeking to confirm that stone structures discovered in 2014 on the seabed of Hecate Strait may date back 13,700 or more years ago and be the earliest known signs of human habitation in Canada.[14]

The official language is English, but sometimes Haida, the language of this First-Nations People, may be heard, although very few people now speak it.