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Vietnam, Laos & Cambodia (25 Days) Jan 9 - Feb 2 2018

These are countries of fascinating ancient cultures and religions. Tour highlights: Laos, Halong Bay, Hill tribes of... more

from $6,745.00 CAD per person sharing

Burma ( Myanmar) February 16 – March 4 2018 SPECIAL PRICE

SAVE $750 per person!! BOOK BEFORE AUGUST 31 Myanmar remains virtually untouched by the Western world.... more

from $6,985.00 CAD

Croatia Cruise PLUS: June 9-29 2018 (21 Days)

As well as taking a 1-week cruise along the gorgeous, island-dotted coast of Croatia, we also visit one of Europe’s ... more

from $7,220.00 CAD

Egypt: (14 Days) March 18-31 2018

Three night Nile Cruise, travel to Cleopatra's port city of Alexandria and journey as far south as Abu Simbel (+ opti... more

from $3,799.00 CAD per person

Cyprus: (14 Days) May 3- 16 2018

There are very few guided tours of this fascinating island available but those that there are stay in one or 2 huge b... more

from $3,795.00 CAD

Greek Islands: May 15 - 30 2018 (16 Days)

On our relaxing tour of the Greek Islands, we spend 3 or 4 nights on each island, allowing us to immerse ourselves in... more

from $4,295.00 CAD

Haida Gwaii/Queen Charlotte Islands (7 Days) July 22-28 2018

For millennia, the Queen Charlotte Islands ( now known as Haida Gwaii) have been a remote, mysterious and inaccessibl... more

from $3,966.00 CAD per person sharing

Mongolia (19 Days) September 1 -19 2018

Limited to 18 travelers Join Julie Bruce for a remarkable tour of this beautiful land. Tour Highlights: Nomadic Herd... more

from $7,595.00 CAD per person sharing

Peru, Ecuador & Galapagos Islands:( 22 days) Oct 23 - Nov 13 2018

Tour Highlights: Lima, Machu Picchu, Cuenca, Amazon Basin. Our Galapagos cruise section is limited to 16 participants. more

from $9,895.00 CAD

Patagonia: +Optional Easter Island & Iguazu Falls Nov 16 -Dec 8 2018

"Patagonia" is famous for wild its untamed wildness...our tour begins in Buenos Aries- the Paris of the South. Escort... more

from $8,550.00 CAD per person (based on double occupancy)

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As the whole “idea” of Iceland has always intrigued me, this tour provided a nice balance of history, nature, science and current affairs. Really enjoyed it all.

By MB Vancouver, BC trip to Iceland

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